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The Throgs‌ ‌Neck ‌Bridge is a New York toll bridge. This 887 m long suspension bridge connects the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx with the Bay Terrace section of Queens.

Since its opening in 1961, the Throgs Neck Bridge toll plaza was located on the Bronx side and accepted cash only. However, on September 30, 2017, the MTA converted it to open-road cashless tolling bridge[1]. The cost of tolls on Throgs‌ ‌Neck ‌Bridge is among the most expensive of US tolls along with George Washington Bridge, Verrazano Bridge, Bayonne Bridge etc.

Use the Throgs Neck Bridge Toll Calculator to calculate how much does it cost to cross the Throgs‌ ‌Neck ‌Bridge and other New York toll facilities.

How much is the Throgs Neck Bridge toll in 2021

The Throgs Neck Bridge toll rate depends on two factors: vehicle type and payment method - E-ZPass NY, out-of-state E-ZPass or Tolls By Mail.

The Throgs Neck Bridge E-ZPass toll for car is $6.55. While with the same toll tag, a 5-axle truck toll costs $32.23.

The one-way Throgs Neck Bridge toll cost for most common vehicles
Vehicle type NY E-ZPass Rate Out of state E-ZPass Rate Toll by Mail Rate
Car, SUV, Pickup truck $6.55 $8.36 $10.17
2-axle Truck $11.84 $16.1 $20.35
5-axle Truck $32.33 $43.69 $55.05
2-axle Bus $4.74 $7.32 $9.9

Clearly, E-ZPass NY is the preferred toll payment method for the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Is Throgs Neck Bridge toll both ways

Yes, the Throgs Neck Bridge is tolled for both the ways; toll cost for either side is the same. Both the directions accept only tag transponder or toll by mail; you cannot pay cash on Throgs Neck Bridge.

You can calculate the Throgs Neck Bridge toll rates for any vehicle traveling in either direction using Throgs Neck Bridge Toll Calculator.

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