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New Jersey Turnpike or NJ Turnpike is a network of toll roads in New Jersey connecting several major cities. It is a closed-system toll road using a system of long-distance tickets obtained upon entering and returned while exiting. It is a major part of the entire toll facilities in New Jersey which includes toll roads, bridges and tunnels.

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New Jersey Turnpike

Toll booth locations on all toll roads of New Jersey Turnpike in New Jersey and leading to Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York

The iconic New Jersey Turnpike (NJTP)[1] is a system of toll roads across the centre of the New Jersey state. The turnpike provides access to various localities in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York. New Jersey Turnpike is a bypass located southeast of Philadelphia between New York and Washington.

Where does the NJ turnpike start and end

NJ turnpike’s northern terminus lies at the George Washington Bridge and the southern terminus is one mile east of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Between exit 6 and exit 14, the turnpike divides into four roadways. The inner lanes are restricted to cars and outer lanes for cars, trucks, and buses. The northern part of the mainline turnpike along with the entirety of its extensions and spurs is designated as I-95 between exit 6 and its northern end.

There are three extensions and two spurs at the New Jersey turnpike, including the Newark Bay Extension at exit 14, which carries I-78; the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension at exit 6 and the I-95 extension that continued the mainline to the George Washington Bridge. The two spurs- Eastern Spur and the Western Spur fall at the turnpike’s northernmost end.

NJ Turnpike Exits

There are 29 interchanges[2] running through the NJ turnpike. They include 148 entry lanes and 230 exit lanes[3].

How does NJ Turnpike work

New Jersey turnpike is a closed-system toll road using a system of long-distance tickets obtained upon entering and surrendered while exiting. If the ticket is lost due to any circumstance, the driver pays the highest applicable toll fee. The toll rate depends upon the distance travelled and the vehicle class.

How to pay toll for New Jersey Turnpike

New Jersey Turnpike toll can be paid with E-ZPass NJ, E-ZPass NY and a regular E-ZPass as well. However, E-ZPass NJ is preferred as it offers the highest discount rates among all the payment methods.

Can you pay cash on NJ Turnpike

Yes, you can pay cash on NJ Turnpike. Do note that the cash toll rate is the same as what you pay with NJ E-ZPass or other valid tag transponders in New Jersey.

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