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Depending on whether you use your tag or not, you can pay missed toll in New Jersey toll roads, bridges and other toll facilities online or offline viz. Check or money order.

When you miss a toll in New Jersey, the concerned authority sends an invoice of Toll Violation to the vehicle owner. It details when and where the toll was violated, how much payment is to be made, any fine, where to make the payment etc. Do note that not paying the missed toll in time will add up in penalties.

Pay NJ missed toll if you have E-ZPass

If you have a valid E-ZPass for New Jersey, you can visit their Toll Violation section online[1] and look for due tolls. You can use either Violation number and License Plate number or Payment Plan (if you have subscribed for Pay By Plate).

It’ll also give you the option to pay toll online with card, bank details etc. You can also speak to a NJ E-ZPass Customer Service Representative for Violation Inquiries at 1-(973)-368-1425.

Pay NJ missed toll if you don’t have E-ZPass

If you do not have an E-ZPass, you’ll have to send the toll invoice along with the payment as a check or money order to the mentioned address. For Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike, send it to: Finance, P.O. Box 5042, Woodbridge, NJ 07095.

For missed toll of Atlantic City Expressway, snail-mail your payment at: P.O. Box 351, Hammonton, NJ 08037.

Do NOT send cash over the mail.

Alternatively, if you miss the expressway toll on the ramp, just keep driving until you reach a barrier toll plaza and pay up there.

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