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Most of the toll facilities in New Jersey is cashless so an electronic transponder is preferred to pay toll in the state. Some plazas including the George Washington Bridge (Upper Level) also accept cash. You can also opt for Toll by Mail. However, not all toll payment options are available at every location. The toll rates in New Jersey also differs for different payment methods. Using toll tags costs the least.

In the event you enter a toll lane that is not equipped with E-ZPass or transponder-reader, it is counted as a toll violation in New Jersey. You will be required to pay the full undiscounted toll.

Toll tags accepted in New Jersey

The following toll tags or transponders are valid in New Jersey:

  • NationalPass-  It is a toll interoperability solution with seamless access to U.S. toll roads. Travelers are considered local customers of all toll roads that accept NationalPass providing the lowest available toll rate.

Toll bridges and other facilities in New Jersey accepting E-ZPass

You can pay toll using NJ E-ZPass, E-ZPass, E-ZPass NY for the following toll facilities :

New Jersey toll roads

  • New Jersey Turnpike
  • Garden State Parkway
  • Atlantic City Expressway

New Jersey bridges

  • Ben Franklin Bridge
  • Betsy Ross bridge
  • Commodore John Barry Bridge
  • Walt Whitman Bridge
  • Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge
  • Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge
  • I-78 Toll Bridge – Pennsylvania
  • Milford-Montague Bridge
  • New Hope-Lambertville Bridge
  • Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge
  • Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge
  • Tacony-Palmyra Bridge
  • Burlington-Bristol bridge
  • Margate Bridge (Downbeach Express Bridge)
  • George Washington Bridge
  • Bayonne Bridge
  • Goethals Bridge
  • Outerbridge Crossing

New Jersey tunnels

  • Holland Tunnel
  • Lincoln Tunnel

Toll payment with cash in New Jersey

Cash toll rates are higher than toll tag payment. You can pay toll using cash in New Jersey on all the toll facilities where E-ZPass tags are accepted except the following:

  • Townsends Inlet Bridge
  • Ocean City-Longport Bridge
  • Grassy Sound Bridge
  • Corson’s Inlet Bridge

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