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What is E-ZPass NY

An E-ZPass NY is a small electronic transponder that is used to pay tolls for trips on thruways, tunnels, and bridges in New York and other toll roads where it is accepted. You don’t need to stop to pay a toll. The transponder is mounted on your vehicle’s windshield. When you travel on any toll road, thruway, tunnel, or bridge, the transponder charges your E-ZPass account for the appropriate toll. The E-ZPass may also provide a discount on the toll rate depending on the state that has issued the E-ZPass.

Do I need EZPass in New York

The E-ZPass comes with a host of benefits to save toll when traveling on New York Toll roads.

  • Offers discounts on many roadways that accept the E-ZPass such as the New York State Thruway Authority, MTA Bridges and Tunnels, New York State Bridge Authority, and Port Authority of NY&NJ crossings
  • Wide acceptance across 17 states in USA
  • The use of E-ZPass Plus helps to pay for airport parking

Where can I use EZPass NY

Travelers ask thousands of queries every week from TollGuru about EZ Pass coverage, such as the following:

  • Does E-ZPass work in Illinois?
  • Is Ezpass accepted in Florida?
  • Does EZ Tag work all over Texas?
  • Can I use EZ Pass on PA Turnpike?

E-ZPass (or widely termed as ez pass) has a wide acceptance across 17 states in the United States. If you already have an E-ZPass from any of these states, you are good to go.

E-ZPass is accepted in New York. New Jersey, Central Florida and other states with I-Pass, E-Pass NCQuickPass and RiverLink

The table below lists the states where E-ZPass is accepted for toll payment:

Delaware Florida (only in Orlando region) Illinois
Indiana Kentucky Massachusetts
Maine Maryland North Carolina
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island
Virginia West Virginia
Click on the state’s name in the table to see details of the state-specific E-ZPass toll tag.

FAQs on E-ZPass NY

Following very popular questions asked by hundreds of TollGuru users regarding EZ Pass NY are covered in detail in the main article: E-ZPass Toll Tag.

  • How does EZPass work
  • How to install EZPass
  • Types of EZPass
  • How to get an EZPass

How do I pay a missed toll in New York

main article: How to pay missed toll in New York answers questions like:

  • What if I travel through a toll road without an EZPass
  • How do I pay missed toll if I don't have EZ Pass

E-ZPass Toll Calculator

You can calculate tolls if using EZ Pass (or other toll passes), fuel costs, and routes for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, caravans (with or without a trailer) through any of the US states, TollGuru E-ZPass Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods, and more.

Rideshare, OEM, TMS, fleet companies, and other transport businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the TollGuru Toll API for pre-trip calculation and post-trip reconciliation.

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