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The South Florida toll roads near Miami (or simply called Miami toll roads) consists of the following four stretches as shown in the Miami tolls map:

Toll booth locations on South Florida toll roads near Miami including Florida 821, Sawgrass Expressway and Alligator Alley

  • Sawgrass Expressway
  • Alligator Alley or Everglades Parkway
  • Homestead Extension of Florida Turnpike (HEFT)/SR 821
  • Florida’s Turnpike – Southern Coin System

Read on to learn how to pay tolls in South Florida and see toll maps including the Sawgrass Expressway map and Everglades Parkway toll map. You can use Miami Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs for trips across Miami and other toll facilities of Florida.

How do I pay tolls in South Florida

main article: How to Pay Toll in Florida

You can pay tolls in South Florida using a valid toll tag: SunPass, E-ZPass, E-Pass etc. There may be some toll facilities that accept cash and allow Toll-by-Plate payment as well. Refer to How to Pay Toll in Florida for more details.

South Florida Tolls

The South Florida tolls - including I-95 tolls and I-75 tolls - vary depending on toll plaza, vehicle axle count and payment method.

2-axle vehicles toll rates for major toll plazas of South Florida toll roads
Toll Plaza SunPass Rate (in USD) Toll-by-Plate Rate (in USD)
I-75 - East $2.94 $3.25
I-75 - West $2.94 $3.25
SR-821 - Homestead $1.07 $1.34
SR-91 - Hollywood $0.54 $0.80
SR-869 - Atlantic Boulevard $0.54 $0.80

Refer to the [1] by FDoT for rates of all the plazas. Or, calculate tolls between any locations across South Florida, using South Florida Toll Calculator.

Florida SR 869 - Sawgrass Expressway

Toll both locations on Sawgrass Expressway in western and northern Broward County

The turnpike also includes expansion project Sawgrass Expressway that is currently open to traffic. This is a 24-mile long state road located in western and northern Broward County.

I-75 or Alligator Alley or Everglades Parkway

Toll booth locations on the Alligator Alley connecting the east and west coasts between Naples Fort Lauderdale

Alligator Alley connects east and west coasts, with Naples in the west and Ft. Lauderdale in the east. 

SR 821 or Homestead Extension of Florida Turnpike - HEFT

Toll booth locations on Florida 821 or Homestead Extension of Florida Turnpike between Interstate 95 to Homestead

Located in Miami/Fort Lauderdale FL, the Homestead Extension of Florida Turnpike is one of the busiest roads in Florida. It is the southern extension of Florida’s Turnpike. It connects Interstate 95 in the north to Homestead south of Miami. Vehicles must have an active SunPass or another interoperable transponder.

Florida Turnpike - Southern Coin System

Toll booth locations of Florida’s Turnpike System on the south section of the Mainline

The Florida Turnpike System [2]consists of the Mainline with a length of 320 miles. The Mainline in turn includes SR 821 (Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike – HEFT); the Southern Coin System; the Ticket System; the Northern Coin System; and the Beachline West Expressway. The first four segments of this Mainline are continuous with a north-south direction from Florida City in southern Miami-Dade County to I-75 at Wildwood in Sumter County to the north. A coin system of tolling has been implemented on these sections of the turnpike.

Calculate tolls for South Florida and other regions in the US

Calculate routes, tolls and fuel costs for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, caravans (with or without a trailer) in South Florida and other regions of the US using TollGuru Trip Calculator - for free! It also shows the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location enroute, payment methods and more.

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