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Puerto Rico toll roads

  • Puerto Rico Highway 5 is a main highway in the San Juan Metropolitan area which connects the cities of Cataño to Bayamón. It has a toll plaza in Bayamón near PR-2 and PR-174 to access the municipalities of Naranjito and Comerío. It makes intersections with PR-22, PR-6, PR-2 and PR-199, where it ends.
  • Puerto Rico Highway 17, also Jesus de Piñero Avenue, begins at PR-20 near its terminus with PR-2, and ends in the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina. After the intersection with PR-181, it is part of the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. 2-axle auto pay $3.40 at the bridge.
  • Puerto Rico Highway 20 or PR-20 (Expreso Martinez Nadal) is 15-kilometer long freeway entirely located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. It has few exits; the first being to PR-169, a road to the rural area of Guaynabo and part of Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico; PR-199 which connects it to PR-1 and PR-52; PR-177 which serves Bayamón and Cupey, and PR-17 (Ave. Piñero). It is tolled going north from PR-1, but not in south direction.
  • PR-22 toll road, also known as the José de Diego Expressway, is 51-mile road in the north coast of Puerto Rico that connects the cities of San Juan and Hatillo. PR-22 is Puerto Rico’s most traveled highway. All of its seven toll plazas (Hatillo, Factor, Arecibo, Manatí, Vega Alta, Toa Baja and Guaynabo / Fort Buchanan) have bi-directional express lanes.
  • The Puerto Rico Highway 52 (PR-52), also known also as the Autopista Luis A. Ferré, runs from PR-1 in southwest Río Piedras and heads south until it intersects with highway PR-2 in Ponce. Toll plazas are located in Caguas, Salinas, Juana Díaz, and Ponce.
  • Puerto Rico Highway 53 tollway connects Fajardo to Salinas. The highway consists of five toll plazas: Ceiba Norte, Humacao Norte, Humacao Sur (near Palmas del Mar), Guayama and Salinas. All toll plazas have the Auto Expreso lanes.
  • Puerto Rico Highway 66 tollway, also called Roberto Sánchez Vilella Expressway, connects city of Carolina with the municipality of Río Grande. You need to pay tolls at Plaza Carolina, Rampa Norte, Rampa Sur, and Río Grande. You can pay toll using AutoExpreso tag.

Puerto Rico Toll Calculator

Puerto Rico toll calculator calculates toll for cars, trucks, trailers, RV, bus, and motorcycles for Puerto Rico Highway 5 (PR-5), Puerto Rico Highway 17 (PR-17), Puerto Rico Highway 20 (PR-20), Puerto Rico Highway 22 (PR-22), Puerto Rico Highway 52 (PR-52), Puerto Rico Highway 53 (PR-53), Puerto Rico Highway 66 (PR-66). The tolls are for both peaks and off-peaks, at the time of your travel. How to calculate tolls to San Juan? How to calculate tolls anywhere in Puerto Rico? Do you want to know how much tolls and gas will cost? Use the TollGuru toll calculator. Find your cheapest route and save money! The only application that calculates tolls and gasoline costs for all vehicles: cars, trucks, trailers, buses, RVs and motorcycles.

How to pay toll

You can install AutoExpreso tag or you can pay with Cash. AutoExpreso transponders can be replenished at all Puma and select Total stations in Puerto Rico or at designated replenishment lanes (designated with a green “R”) at select toll plazas.
Video toll system such as Pay by plate doesn’t exist on either of the toll roads. Check out the toll payment methods available at different highways in Puerto Rico.

How are tolls calculated for trucks

Trucks pay tolls based on number of axles.

Puerto Rico Truck toll calculator can help you calculate tolls and gas expenses for all truck classes in Puerto Rico.

What is AutoExpreso

The AutoExpreso is a transponder (tag) that you can put in your vehicle to pay toll. You don’t need to stop to pay toll. AutoExpreso transponders can be replenished at all Puma and select Total petrol pumps in Puerto Rico or at designated replenishment lanes (designated with a green “R”) at select toll plazas.

Refer to Autoexpreso tag page for more details.

How to pay missed toll in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority manages tolls in PR. Here is all the information on opening the AutoExpreso account and how to contact the team for missed toll enquiries[1]. You can also reach out to customer support at 1-888-688-1010.

Puerto Rico tolling agencies

The Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority manages Puerto Rico toll bridge. For any questions about toll rates or payment methods please get in touch with the agency.

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