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What is RiverLink tag

RiverLink toll tag accepted in Kentucky to pay tolls on Ohio River Bridges with  E-ZPass, I-Pass, NCQuickPass, E-Pass Xtra

The RiverLink Pass is an electronic toll payment system that can be used for payment of tolls on the Kentucky-Ohio River Bridges.

Where can I use the RiverLink Pass

The RiverLink Pass[1] comes with a prepaid transponder that can be used in any one of the three Loiusville-Southern Indiana Ohio River tolled bridges.

RiverLink Pass compatibility

The RiverLink Pass is compatible with a few other passes. All E-ZPass transponders, including the I-Pass from Illinois and the Indiana Toll Road E-ZPass, will automatically work with the RiverLink system.

Can I use the RiverLink Pass on other vehicles

The RiverLink transponder can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, unlike the local-use sticker. You however need to ensure that each vehicle is registered with RiverLink so that the transponder and your license plate will be matched properly.

How much does the RiverLink transponder cost

The cost for the RiverLink E-ZPass transponder is $15.

How do I open a RiverLink account

To open a new RiverLink account, you have to

  • Get online and register for a prepaid account
  • Get a transponder upon registration.
  • You would need to provide details such as address and license plate information
  • You can also call RiverLink or visit their customer service center

Where do I mount my RiverLink transponder

The RiverLink transponder is to be placed on the inside of the windshield close to the rearview mirror. Place it as high as possible and as central as possible. If there are any metal, tint, antennae or defroster place the transponder three inches away.

Can I use my RiverLink transponder in rental vehicles

You can use the RiverLink transponder in rental cars. However, check with your rental car company to ensure if you can use your own transponder.  Add the rental vehicle license plate number to your RiverLink account.  Once your travel is done and you return your rental vehicle remember to remove your transponder and remove the vehicle information from your account.

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