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Truck toll calculation in Maine

On the Maine turnpike, the trucks pay tolls based on the number of axles. Our Truck Toll Calculator uses the following table to match Maine Turnpike[1] vehicle class with truck axles.

TollGuru Vehicle TypeMaine Turnpike Class Explanation
Truck 2-axlesClass 22-axle 6-tire vehicles (includes buses, motor homes and dual-wheel pickups)
Truck 3-axlesClass 33-axle vehicles and combinations (includes buses and Class 2 vehicles towing 1-axle trailers)
Truck 4-axlesClass 44-axle vehicles and combinations (includes Class 2 vehicles towing 2-axle trailers)
Truck 5-axlesClass 55-axle vehicles and combinations (minimum classification for vehicles requiring Over Limit Permit)
Truck 6-axlesClass 66 or more axle vehicles and combinations

Calculate truck tolls on Maine turnpike using Truck Toll Calculator.

Out toll calculator does not display tolls for Maine turnpike class 7 and class 8 vehicles.

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