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What is Vignette

A vignette or a toll sticker is a timed sticker necessary for some vehicles to travel on motorways in some countries in Europe. You can buy vignettes for the various validity periods.
A vignette can be of two types:

  • A toll sticker that you need to fix to your vehicle’s windshield.
  • An electronic document that you can purchase online where you register your vehicle for a certain validity period. confirms the payment of toll fees for usage of the road network for a certain validity period.

What is Eurovignette

Eurovignette is an electronic card that you can purchase at nearby petrol stations, border checkpoints, and at over 500 service points of the Eurovignette operator. Eurovignette can also be purchased online[1] without the need for registration.

How to buy Vignette

Vignettes are widely available, you can buy vignettes:

  • in neighboring countries near the border,
  • at most petrol stations,
  • booths at border crossings.
  • Countries have their website from which you can buy vignettes.

European countries with Vignette

You can see the countries - where you need to buy vignettes - in figure 1 below:

European countries with vignettes map, vignette
Fig.1 Map of European countries with vignettes

For detailed information for a country, you can click on the countries below:

How to calculate tolls in Europe

You can calculate tolls - distance based toll, close and open system, vignette - and fuel cost by car, truck (with or without a trailer), taxi, bus, caravans using Europe Toll Calculator. You can see the cheapest, the fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination. You will see toll plaza(s) on your route, payment methods for each toll gate, discounts, etc. You can specify vehicle attributes - axles, weight, height, emission standards, etc. - to get toll information customized to your vehicle.

Ride share, OEM, and other businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.

Which European countries have motorway tolls

Use Europe Toll Guide to know more about European Tolling Systems

You can click on a country name to know toll information - toll payments, toll gates, toll prices - for the country.

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