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If you travel without an eligible tag in electronic lanes in Kansas, you will be asked to pay 1.5 times the cash toll (about $20) for the entire length of Kansas turnpike. For lanes that take cash toll payment, travelers need not be concerned about missed toll as they can only cross the toll road after paying up.

Methods to pay missed toll in Kansas

If a driver exits using an electronic lane without a valid compatible transponder, it is considered a missed toll violation and will be tolled at the violation rate [1] based upon the vehicle’s class.

Payment for missed tolls cannot be accepted until the trip is processed in the system and assigned a statement ID. Trips are processed within three business days and statements are typically mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner within two weeks of the trip. In such cases, the violation fare can be paid on Kansas Turnpike Authority payment page [2] using information from the toll statement received.

Received a toll violation despite having a K-Tag

This happens mainly due to two reasons: Either the K-Tag did not read due to a mounting issue and there was no matching license plate listed on the K-TAG account; the K-TAG account is not in good standing at the time of the trip (i.e. expired credit card, delinquent balance etc.)

Update your account using the online account management tool at K-Tag website [3] or by contacting the K-TAG Customer Service Center by phone at 800-873-5824 or via email at

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