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The National Routes of Uruguay[1] are the main vehicle courses in the nation, connecting all areas. It has a network of 8,698 km of which 303 km are concrete, asphalt 3,164 km, 4,220 km bituminous and 1,009 km rough.

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works classifies Uruguayan Routes as Corredor Internacional, Primary Network, Secondary Network and Tertiary Network.

How much are the tolls in Uruguay

Toll charges in Uruguay depend on the toll road used and the class of the vehicle. To accurately calculate Uruguay tolls and for other Uruguay motorways use TollGuru toll calculator.

Where are the tolls located in Uruguay

Tolls in Uruguay are located on major highways:

  • Ruta 1
  • Ruta 5
  • Ruta 8
  • Ruta 9 etc.

How to pay toll in Uruguay

Most of the Uruguay toll facilities have both electronic lanes and cash/card lanes. They accept the following three payment methods:

  • TelePEAJE
  • Cash
  • Credit / Debit Card

TelePEAJE Uruguay

TelePEAJE[2] is an electronic toll system in Uruguay that enables drivers to pay toll automatically as they pass through toll plazas on the motorway network of Uruguay. Tolls with the TelePEAJE system can be paid by credit card. SkyToll effectively carried out a pilot project for electronic observing and the assortment of charges for street use, which included 4,615 street segments of various classifications.

Toll concessionaires in Uruguay

  • Corporación Vial Del Uruguay (CVU) - [3] Corporación Vial del Uruguay SA (CVU) is a private company whose only activity today is the operation of a Road Concession granted by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay. It is the only toll concessionaire in Uruguay managing all the toll plazas.
  • Comisión Administradora del Río Uruguay (CARU) - Comisión Administradora del Río Uruguay is the authority that takes care of two international bridges connecting Uruguay to Argentina.

The bridges are:

  1. General Artigas bridge
  2. General San Martín bridge

How much is the toll from Montevideo to Punta del Este

Rates from Montevideo to Punta del Este for 2022
Toll Road Tags toll rates for cars Cash toll rates for cars
Ruta Interbalnearia 225 UYU 300 UYU

To Find out the toll locations & toll rates, You can use Uruguay TollGuru Toll Calculator.

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