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Verrazzano-Narrows‌ ‌Bridge (earlier Verrazano-Narrows‌ ‌Bridge) is a toll bridge in New York. It is a 211 m high and 1,298 m long suspension bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn in NYC. The bridge is locally popular as Verrazano Bridge or Narrows Bridge.

The Verrazano Bridge toll rate is one the most expensive of US tolls along with George Washington Bridge, Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge etc. The bridge is maintained by MTA which also operates six other bridges and two tunnels in New York City.

Use the Verrazano Bridge Toll Calculator to calculate how much does it cost to cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and other New York toll facilities.

How much is the Verrazano Bridge toll in 2021

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge toll depends on vehicle type and payment methods - E-ZPass NY, out of state E-Pass and toll by mail. Cash toll payment is not accepted on the Verrazano Bridge.

The E-ZPass NY toll for a car to cross the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is $6.55. However, using out-of-state E-ZPass will cost $8.36. For trucks, Verrazano Bridge toll for trucks depends on the number of axles; can range from $11.24 - $60.37 when paid with E-ZPass NY.

The one-way toll price for VNB for most common vehicles
Vehicle type NY E-ZPass Rate Out of state E-ZPass Rate Toll by Mail Rate
Car, SUV, Pickup truck $6.55 $8.36 $10.17
2-axle Truck $11.84 $16.1 $20.35
5-axle Truck $32.33 $43.69 $55.05
2-axle Bus $4.74 $7.32 $9.9

Evidently, E-ZPass NY users get the most toll discount on Verrazano Bridge.

Is Verrazano Bridge toll both ways

On Dec 1, 2020 the Verrazano Bridge began to charge tolls for both the ways [1]. Prior to it, the toll used to be levied only on drivers traveling westbound from Brooklyn to Staten Island. However, the effective round trip toll for Verrazano Bridge and the Staten Island resident discount remain the toll rates were also halved i.e. split tolling is in place.

You can calculate the Verrazano Bridge toll rates for any vehicle traveling in either direction using GWB Toll Calculator.

How much does the Verrazano Bridge cost for Staten Island residents

The State Island residents enjoy a toll discount on Verrazano Bridge. With their special E-ZPass, they have to pay $2.75 to cross the Verrazano Bridge instead of $6.55 (as paid by regular E-ZPass NY).

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