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How is the toll calculated in Georgia

Tolls on the Georgia Express Lanes are dynamically priced. This means the toll amount would increase as the demand for the use of the express lanes increased. The minimum toll rate for all Georgia Express Lanes is $0.10 per mile. You could expect toll rates to vary beyond this rate as per traffic conditions on the express lane. The dynamic mile toll rates on Georgia Express Lanes may also be replaced with a fixed toll of $0.50 per trip, regardless of the length of the trip, during periods of very low demand.

TollGuru toll calculator does not calculate tolls for these express lanes since the tolls are not known before you travel on the roads. However, if you are to travel to Florida and neighbouring states in the USA, you can use a free toll calculator to calculate tolls and gas expenses for cars, trucks, trailers, buses, RVs and motorcycles for all toll roads, bridges and tunnels.

How to pay a toll in Georgia

Toll systems in Georgia for travel on I-85 express lanes and I-75 Express lanes are all electronic and do not accept cash payments. Also, video toll system doesn’t exist. The following options could be used to pay toll in Georgia express lanes.

Peach Pass

A Peach Pass transponder is an electronic transponder attached to your vehicle to calculate tolls as you travel on Georgia express lanes. A peach Pass account is to be opened which automatically deducts the proper tolls when using Georgia Express Lanes.


SunPass is the transponder from Florida that can be used in Georgia and North Carolina as well. Use the SunPass in Georgia state Interstate 85 express lanes and on express lanes on I-75. You cannot use the E-ZPass in Georgia State to pay for tolls. It may be worthwhile to buy a relevant Tag. You can check the list of tags for each state.

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